Case Study: Saipem Database Design

Saipem Logo Database designHere is a case study of how Office Objects database design and development helped Saipem work more efficiently.

Saipem is based in over 60 countries and an in almost every world oil & gas market and specialises in construction for offshore and onshore drilling projects.
My department, based in Aberdeen, had been using a 15-year-old database for technical and operational reports, which was out of date and under threat of replacement because we had lost the skill-set to manage it. The database is used for operational and technical reports for personnel and equipment; maintenance tracking and fault trends; material requisition, inventory and stock control. . The database was becoming a source of frustration which required an overhaul and to be streamlined to take account of our evolving business requirements.saipemdatabasedesign

Office Objects upgraded the database and successfully distributed the data over 30 individual systems and provided a software option to manage this. Almost five years later, the technical reporting database has a new lease of life and we are considering adding new features to take advantage of our many years of operational and technical data.

On behalf on my department, I wish to thank Office Objects for their attentive and patient service, which allowed us to avoid adopting an alternative 3rd party application, but instead provided the necessary training to enable us to manage our own front-end database, provide customised updates and to ensure essential data maintenance could be carried out.

Colin Hicks. ROV Project Superintendent. Sonsub Division of Saipem Ltd.

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Saipem carry out oil & gas-related activities in remote areas and deep-waters through our four Business Units: Engineering & Construction (E&C) Offshore and Onshore, Drilling and Floaters. We excel in providing engineering, procurement, project management and construction services, with distinctive skills and capabilities in the design and execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects. We also offer cutting-edge technologies for the gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation.

In Europe Saipem has numerous offshore oil production and pipeline projects in the Mediterranean and North Sea to oil refineries, petrochemical plants and onshore oil & gas transportation systems. In addition to its headquarters in Milan and major hubs in Paris, Rome and Fano, Saipem operates out of sizeable project execution centers in the UK, Romania, Croatia and Norway.

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