Case Study: Database development : One-to-One

Database development for One-to-One 

One-to One (Enfield) is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Committee made up of unpaid people. One-to One helps people with leaning difficulties. It also help them to have better lives and to speak out about and take part in all aspects of community life in Enfield.

Database development Solution for 1-to-1

1-1 Database development Solution

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“Office objects worked in conjunction with us in One-to One to develop a database software solution and reporting system. It was designed to cover their key activities. This included registering members to scheduling events for members to take part in. One-to One registers people with leaning difficulties as members. It also enrols them on events which are organised by both One-to One and by external organisations. Such Events often require considerable administration and were previously stored in spreadsheets. These details were held separately from the registration details of members. This made maintenance and coordination of activities and communication with members time consuming.

Database development:

Office Objects and One-to One designed a new Database development solution. This has has helped to streamline the maintenance and scheduling of events. It also reduced the risk of double entry of members and to centralise the holding of member and staff details in the database. In addition health details are also recorded.  The database stores the information in a way that is easy to access and simple to operate and which helps keep details up to date.

Office Objects designed a flexible Reporting system as part of the Database development Solution. This is designed to meet our specific requirements which filters data before outputting to Excel. The Excel data is structured in a way to provide data to One-to One stakeholders. It also provide operational data to staff regarding member reference and event and scheduling data.”

Claude Communication Manager One-to-One

Some of One-to-One activities. :-oentonedatbase
Developing self-esteem and leadership amongst our members.
Supporting people to speak out for themselves and other people.
Supporting people to get out and be included in the community.
Helping people to look after themselves and improve their health
Promoting volunteering.
Supporting people to run a social business.
Working in partnership with the council, health, charities and businesses to
make Enfield a place that includes people with learning difficulties.

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